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Customized Training

Our consultants continue to go above and beyond

We have had a consultant at a key client for a few months.  She filled the gap right away meeting and exceeding our client's expectations.  She continues to work on various projects with this client in both instructor-led training and elearning.  A few of the client's comments were: Just a quick follow up/update regarding the… Read More

A little bragging about our consultants

It's been a while since we have posted.  Who better to talk about than our consultants.  We have a team of senior level instructional designers working on a very critical project with approximately 20 learning modules and very short timeline.  Today we heard from one of our larger clients. SME said they (learning modules) “are… Read More

Does Amazon CTO need training?

Interesting article from Inc. magazine.  People love Amazon, hate Amazon, love to hate Amazon and hate to love Amazon.  From my perspective, I love it.  No malls or lines to deal with and the goods end up right on my front doorstep.  But...I don't work there. In this article, the author points out how the… Read More

Google is # 1….What about training?

Google once again ranked at the top of Fortune Magazine's 100 best companies to work for.  It is no wonder when you look at the people they recruit (they tend to go for the smart ones), the salaries, the healthcare coverage, etc.  Also, meals...all prepared for you daily.  Nap pods - how awesome is… Read More

The Art of Coloring – Can It Enhance Your Training?

What’s the hottest summer trend? Imagine yourself going through your typical day of life’s stresses… work, family, health, money, etc. How can you overcome the overwhelming, all consuming ramifications of stress? The answer – COLORING for adults! It helps to transform your mind and spirit to a happier place. Studies show that coloring engages both… Read More

The Not So Good List

Everyday there is a new list of best places to retire, best places to vacation, best places to live, etc., and then there is the "not so good list".  This list, on the other hand, is a list of the 10 worst companies, or the not so good list, for which to work.  It makes us… Read More

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