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Train the Trainer

instructor-led4-train-the-trainerThe Situation

Our client, a global print solution company, conducts technical training for customer end-users of their product. The training group was comprised of experienced trainers who were looking for a course that would enhance their facilitation skills for classroom, “virtual classroom,” and on-site training. They wanted a forum to explore best practices and create consistency among the training they offer to their clients.

The Solution

Total Training Solutions customized their standard “Train-the-Trainer for Computer Environments” course to fit the client’s need. Because these were experienced facilitators, Total Training Solutions created a workshop environment for participants to explore, create, and share best practices for topics including how to make training interactive, how to facilitate web-based training, and how to best incorporate adult learning principles into their training sessions.

The Success

Participants successfully compiled a collection of best practices for their group that could immediately be transferred to their training classes. Each participant developed action plans for the implementation of the newly learned strategies and an ongoing process for monitoring and sharing their successes in training with fellow team members.

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