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Mobile Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Training Industry

With the fast-paced emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the employee training and development industry is changing drastically.  AI programs help advance the industry in multiple ways including personalized learning paths, real-time feedback and data-driven comprehension.  AI uses machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analysis to adapt and develop training programs that fit every employee's… Read More

A little bragging about our consultants

It's been a while since we have posted.  Who better to talk about than our consultants.  We have a team of senior level instructional designers working on a very critical project with approximately 20 learning modules and very short timeline.  Today we heard from one of our larger clients. SME said they (learning modules) “are… Read More

Total Training Solutions Partners With Qstream

Total Training Solutions is now a referral partner for Qstream - an award winning Mobile Training Tool.  Qstream helps your employees ramp up on information for new products, reinforce previously learned principles, coach your employees and measure their results. Qstream keeps a pulse on your organization, capturing dynamic data on the capabilities of every rep, every day.… Read More

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