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Does Amazon CTO need training?

Interesting article from Inc. magazine.  People love Amazon, hate Amazon, love to hate Amazon and hate to love Amazon.  From my perspective, I love it.  No malls or lines to deal with and the goods end up right on my front doorstep.  But…I don’t work there.

In this article, the author points out how the CTO publicly humiliated one his very own sales people.  One of Amazon’s sales people sent out a blind email (probably to thousands of email addresses) to the CTO soliciting his business.  A mistake, no doubt.  But then the CTO decided to take to Twitter to publicly humiliate the sales person instead of handling it behind closed doors.

Did the kid make a mistake?  Yes.  Did he deserve to be humiliated?  I’m not sure.  We’d love to hear your opinion.  Sounds like a training opportunity to me.

Here is a link to the article.

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