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Content Development

Technical Writing

The client, a major financial institution, must regularly assess the impact of U.S. government regulatory changes on their internal documentation. The documentation currently resides in a number of separately owned / administrated systems.

The short term need was to assess the impact of government regulatory changes on existing processes and supporting documentation. The longer term need was to identify documents in the various documentation systems that belong to the business unit and migrate the documents to a single system and format.

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Software and Process Training

The client, the nation’s leading producer of construction aggregates (crushed stone, sand, and gravel) used in nearly all forms of construction, aspired to utilize resources to maximize margin while producing the right product mix at the optimal time using the most efficient processes. Their goal was to reduce costs and minimize waste. To accomplish this goal they elected to implement a custom designed proprietary software program as a tool to help the business units. In order to implement the software application throughout the company, the client needed a training development company to document the functionality of the software, develop training documentation and training systems to support the training implementation.

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Electronic Payment System

Our client, the Department of Human Services, was implementing their electronic welfare benefits payment system, Illinois LINK. Their current paper check based system was being converted to an electronic payment system using a preloaded benefits debit card that was as a form of payment for food and merchandise. The State required that all retail locations that currently accepted food stamps and WIC payments for merchandise receive hands-on training either in a group classroom environment or one on one training at their place of business. The training courses had to be taught in English, Spanish and Chinese to address the greater population of retailers

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Leadership Development

Our client, a national transportation company, anticipated the retirement of 25% of their key leaders over the course of five years. Many of the current employees with the industry and company knowledge required to move into those positions did not have leadership and/or management experience. The client was faced with a need to prepare for the leadership transition by providing leadership and management training that was accessible to a large number of their employees and that supported their company principles and culture.

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