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Assessment Processes (Multiple Languages)

Gear iconThe Situation

Our client, a major energy management company, was implementing a global Management Assessment Process (MAP) throughout their organization to all levels of employees. To aid in the rollout of the new process, the client was seeking a training vendor that could develop an eLearning training course to teach the principles of the process.

The Solution

Working with our client’s subject matter experts in the U.S. and Europe, Total Training Solutions’ instructional design team created the eLearning training course originally in English for the U.S. implementation and then worked with the client to have the course content and program translated and converted to French for their European implementation.

The Success

Our client was able to effectively rollout their MAP process to both their U.S. based employees as well as their European based employees in the respective native language. Within a minimal timeframe, the eLearning training modules were viewed by over 10,000 employees for a successful implementation.

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