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Aerospace Training

The Situation

As part of the company vision, the company will hire 3000 new employees in 2022 and 22,000 over the next five years. The new hire training is needed to support innovation in hiring by:

  • Reimaging a new hire curriculum providing flexibility to hire and train in non-traditional ways.
  • Reimagined training will allow the company to offer media-rich, self-study orientation, and training options via iPads to prepare candidates before graduation.
  • After graduation, minimal training, orientation, and assessment would be anticipated before their OJT experience.
  • This strategy reduces the training time needed between graduation and entry into the workplace.
  • Modern technology elements and refreshed content engage this new workforce segment and promote commitment to the role and company.

The Solution

The program converted a three-week ILT course with OJT to:

  • One week of self-study learning on iPad, working remotely from home
    • Promoting safety, operational excellence, and service mindset in integrated contextual learning experiences, utilizing new technology options of 3D modeling and animated elements and day-in-the-life video examples.
    • Incorporates ‘test-your-knowledge’ activities
  • One week OJT in Station using:
    • Dedicated training areas
    • Instructor-led practice and assessments
    • VR simulation
  • Ongoing six-month training support after the one-week OJT

The Success

  • The new design offers simulated learning to promote knowledge transfer more quickly.
  • Moved the training from topic-based instruction to more contextual learning by incorporating media-rich elements.
  • Promotes a mindset by incorporating culture promoting safety, teamwork, and Net Promoter Score focus.
  • This training concept reduces redundancy while maintaining regulatory training requirements.
  • Saves the company $5.3M per year in training labor costs.
  • Improves proficiency and performance in Safety, Operational Efficiency.
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