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Leadership Development

The Situation

Our client, a national transportation company, anticipated the retirement of 25% of their key leaders over the course of five years. Many of the current employees with the industry and company knowledge required to move into those positions did not have leadership and/or management experience. The client was faced with a need to prepare for the leadership transition by providing leadership and management training that was accessible to a large number of their employees and that supported their company principles and culture.

The Solution

Total Training Solutions met with current leadership to identify key skill sets necessary to be a successful leader within the client’s organization. After determining the desired characteristics, skills, competencies, and knowledge, Total Training Solutions developed a leadership university and supporting curriculum consisting of 27 courses focusing on skills that are required for an effective leader and manager within the client’s organization and workplace. Each course was linked to the company’s performance evaluation system and delivered to participants identified by current leadership as likely candidates for succession planning purposes and future promotions. The curriculum was so well accepted that employees who were not imminently in line for promotion requested to participate in the training to help better prepare themselves for succession opportunities.

The Success

The client became well positioned to promote qualified, skilled staff from within the company to fill open leadership positions. This contributed to continuity for the company and increased morale among the employee population. The company filled a void in their succession planning process by working in-house to nurture and prepare future company leaders.

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