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Technical Writing

Hand writing shapesThe Situation

The client, a major financial institution, must regularly assess the impact of U.S. government regulatory changes on their internal documentation. The documentation currently resides in a number of separately owned / administrated systems.

The short term need was to assess the impact of government regulatory changes on existing processes and supporting documentation. The longer term need was to identify documents in the various documentation systems that belong to the business unit and migrate the documents to a single system and format.

The Solution

Total Training Solutions provided a technical writer/instructional designer to meet with the client SMEs to determine the scope of the regulatory changes, the impact on existing documents, and the need for any additional documents. Document updates / new document design and development were completed based on the identified needs.

The technical writer/instructional designer also met with the client Leadership Team to understand documentation system goals and identify the multiple documentation systems. The documentation system contents were analyzed and documents targeted for migration to a new documentation system.

The Success

The resulting documentation provided the client team members with the tools to provide extraordinary customer service and meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, the documentation system analysis resulted in the design of a new Business Unit specific system that, when deployed, will provide the client Leadership Team, team members, and external auditors a single point of access for all applicable directives, procedures, processes, and job aids. Effective and efficient access will be provided based on the team member’s role as well as governing internal policies and external regulations.

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