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The Art of Coloring – Can It Enhance Your Training?

What’s the hottest summer trend? Imagine yourself going through your typical day of life’s stresses… work, family, health, money, etc. How can you overcome the overwhelming, all consuming ramifications of stress? The answer – COLORING for adults! It helps to transform your mind and spirit to a happier place.

Studies show that coloring engages both sides of the brain, making it both a creative and tactical process. The adult coloring books offer artist’s renditions of intricate designs of enchanted forests, animals, botanicals, and mandelas … your choice! The creativity comes from your selection of color and how it works within the design. The tactical side happens when you apply your color selections to the artist’s design. The balance of the creativity and tactical aspects of coloring keep you in the moment and keeps your right brain from wandering about allowing that stress to slip back in. Coloring also tends to serve as a form of meditation.

Color selection can be mood altering as well. Cool colors have a calming effect, while warm colors tend to lift you. The use of bright colors can be energizing, while dark colors are relaxing and tame the overactive mind. For a touch of softness and soul soothing, go for the pastels.

Coloring for Training

Coloring impacts how we receive and process information – in particular in a training setting. Reflect on a recent training event, whether it was a visual training presentation or an online eLearning course, and think about how the color choices used impacted your ability to absorb, translate, and apply the information presented. Did those color choices help you improve a new skill set, process, or personal trait? Could the art of coloring incorporated into these training events enhance your learning?

Let’s get out that crayon box and see how the colors can change our lives!

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