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New Hire Orientation

Our client, a major transportation company, was challenged with a highly visible eLearning project that required the conversion of an existing three-week ILT course to dynamic and engaging eLearning training modules that ensured the transfer of knowledge to a group of 3,000 new hires along with a projected 22,000 new employee base within the next five years.

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Bank Processing

Our client purchased the assets of a defunct bank through the FDIC and, as part of their reopening strategy, was implementing an enterprise banking system. As a result, each bank employee needed to be trained on all aspects of the banking system to include new products and service processing, mobile banking, online personal banking, online business banking, bill pay (personal and business), and credit card processing. The challenge: All employees needed to complete training on each topic prior to the bank’s “go live” date leaving only 2 weeks to design and develop the required training courses.

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Compliance Training

Our client, a compliance training company serving law enforcement and public safety agencies, provides mandatory annual compliance training for personnel with unique time schedules and who are dispersed throughout the country. The company wanted to respond to this need for on demand training that can be accessed remotely. Additionally, because the training is mandatory, participants must have documented proof that they have successfully completed the training.

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Assessment Processes (Multiple Languages)

Our client, a major energy management company, was implementing a global Management Assessment Process (MAP) throughout their organization to all levels of employees. To aid in the rollout of the new process, the client was seeking a training vendor that could develop an eLearning training course to teach the principles of the process.

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Financial Regulation

Because of new guidelines around BASEL (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision), our client, a major financial institution, needed an existing online course updated to BASEL II standards. Our client had existing course content that needed updating and required enhancements to the design to provide the learners with fresh learning experience.

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