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Bank Processing

Banking iconsThe Situation

Our client purchased the assets of a defunct bank through the FDIC and, as part of their reopening strategy, was implementing an enterprise banking system. As a result, each bank employee needed to be trained on all aspects of the banking system to include new products and service processing, mobile banking, online personal banking, online business banking, bill pay (personal and business), and credit card processing. The challenge: All employees needed to complete training on each topic prior to the bank’s “go live” date leaving only 2 weeks to design and develop the required training courses.

The Solution

Total Training Solutions assembled a team of 3 instructional designers to design and develop the course materials into 10 distinct eLearning courses. Total Training Solutions’ team of designers adapted a rapid development process in order to meet the training launch deadline of 2 weeks. Within a week, our team developed 5 of the required courses and launched them for early release to the client employees. The remaining 5 courses were developed over the following week resulting in all 10 courses designed, developed and launched within the 2 week timeline. Each course was developed as eLearning modules with voice over and knowledge checks incorporated to reinforce and validate the employee learning.

The Success

Our client successfully trained each of their employees prior to the system conversion “go live” date affording their employees the skill set to effectively and efficiently service their international customer base. Under the direction of Total Training Solutions, the training modules were implemented into a bank sponsored learning management system (LMS) and is available for additional new employee training as well as refresher training.

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