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New Hire Orientation

The Situation

Our client, a major transportation company, was challenged with a highly visible eLearning project that required the conversion of an existing three-week ILT course to dynamic and engaging eLearning training modules that ensured the transfer of knowledge to a group of 3,000 new hires along with a projected 22,000 new employee base within the next five years.

The Solution

Total Training Solutions provided a team of senior level instructional designers with a broad range of experiences in the transportation industry as well as extensive expertise in eLearning design and development. Our instructional design team was able to develop innovative, media rich eLearning modules that incorporated 3-D modeling, virtual reality simulations (VR), video scenarios, and self-study modules that provided a cost effective and integrated contextual learning experience to each employee.

The Success

The new course design offers simulated learning to promote knowledge transfer more quickly to all new hires and moves the training from topic-based instruction to contextual learning with the incorporation of media-rich elements. The overall training provides the organization with a training budget savings of $5.3 million dollars annually.

The new hire course won three Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Learning and Development Technology:

  1. Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation
  2. Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology
  3. Best Advance in Augmented and Virtual Reality


Words of praise to our instructional design team from our client:

“Among hundreds of applicants from around the world, organizations were judged the best of the best for developing and deploying programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable and impactful business results. The course won three Brandan Hall Excellence Awards in Learning and Development Technology: Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation, Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology, and Best Advance in Augmented and Virtual Reality.I owe this to this design team. What an amazing group of training professionals you are. I could not be more pleased, humbled and thankful for each one of you. I know it took a village, and there are many, many more that contributed. However, you were the core, the backbone of this work. I just want to personally thank you! Congratulations to all!”



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