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Total Training Solutions Partners With Qstream

Total Training Solutions is now a referral partner for Qstream – an award winning Mobile Training Tool.  Qstream helps your employees ramp up on information for new products, reinforce Qstreampreviously learned principles, coach your employees and measure their results.

Qstream keeps a pulse on your organization, capturing dynamic data on the capabilities of every rep, every day. We do this by engaging users in fun, scenario-based challenges delivered to their mobile device. A sophisticated analytics engine takes it from there, providing insights that ensure your sales team is fully aligned and ready to win.


With Qstream, employees play a game in 3 minutes a day on their mobile device or laptop. Simple, scenario-based questions challenge users and keep their knowledge sharp. Built-in game mechanics drive user engagement and keep them coming back for more.

Call us to learn more about Qstream today.  We will be happy to set up a demonstration so you can see the value of this wonderful mobile training tool.

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