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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Training Industry

With the fast-paced emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the employee training and development industry is changing drastically.  AI programs help advance the industry in multiple ways including personalized learning paths, real-time feedback and data-driven comprehension.  AI uses machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analysis to adapt and develop training programs that fit every employee's… Read More

Total Training Solutions Inc Turns 30

We are excited to announce that Total Training Solutions, Inc. is 30 years young! What a journey it’s been… from our humble beginnings as a home-based business focusing as a customized training development consulting firm offering our clients expertise in instructor-led training, professional development, and classroom facilitation to a key provider of customized eLearning solutions. … Read More

Our consultants helped make it happen – The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award

The Scenario.... Our client had a year-long training project.  This was one of the most highly visible projects our client had throughout her career.  Our team of consultants worked in unison with our client's team of learning professions - designing and developing various modules for this course. Our client's feedback.... Among hundreds of applicants from… Read More

Remote work….does it really work?

As we come out of the pandemic, there will be a lot of talk about retuning to the office and remote work.  I have had many conversations about this with my friends and business acquaintances.  We tried this before.  Back in the 2000's, work from home or remote work was all the talk.  The younger… Read More

Our consultants continue to go above and beyond

We have had a consultant at a key client for a few months.  She filled the gap right away meeting and exceeding our client's expectations.  She continues to work on various projects with this client in both instructor-led training and elearning.  A few of the client's comments were: Just a quick follow up/update regarding the… Read More

Hey! Are you listening?

After two years of video meeting, how are your listening skills?… Read More

A little bragging about our consultants

It's been a while since we have posted.  Who better to talk about than our consultants.  We have a team of senior level instructional designers working on a very critical project with approximately 20 learning modules and very short timeline.  Today we heard from one of our larger clients. SME said they (learning modules) “are… Read More

Total Training Solutions Designs Course for College Credit

We are excited to announce that one of the eLearning programs we designed and developed for one of our clients has been certified by the American Council on Education for College Credit for Workforce Training. Our client, a membership organization in the healthcare industry with over 40,000 members, partnered with us to help them redesign… Read More

Does Amazon CTO need training?

Interesting article from Inc. magazine.  People love Amazon, hate Amazon, love to hate Amazon and hate to love Amazon.  From my perspective, I love it.  No malls or lines to deal with and the goods end up right on my front doorstep.  But...I don't work there. In this article, the author points out how the… Read More

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