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Remote work….does it really work?

As we come out of the pandemic, there will be a lot of talk about retuning to the office and remote work.  I have had many conversations about this with my friends and business acquaintances.  We tried this before.  Back in the 2000’s, work from home or remote work was all the talk.  The younger generation at the time was wanting the flexibility to work from home.  They thought they had leverage when the era was upon us.  Management figured out that working from home didn’t work very well in some situations.  There was a return to the office by many companies.

Fast forward to now.  The pandemic forced work from home.  And you know what a lot of employees figured out?  I can save two and a half hours a day by not having to commute.  I can also save lots of money either on gas, public transportation or both.  After two years of being told to work from home, employees are all in.  It’s changed their lives.  Especially the lives of the people who had never worked from home in the past.

It will be interesting to see how management handles it this time around.  One one hand, corporations are saving billions in overhead.  On the other hand, they are more than likely losing productivity.  My guess is many will be called back into the office just like the 2000’s.  And many employees will not be happy.

See this article in Forbes here.

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