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Sparking Your Brain Power

With all the New Year’s resolutions, vowing to be healthier is number one. So, why not focus on ways to sharpen your brain power as part of that healthier you? Here a few facts for you according to the Alzheimer’s Association. There were an estimated 5.3 million people in America diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia in 2015. While the majority was 65 years or old, there is a growing population of younger people being diagnosed with the disease. Alzheimer’s is the only disease among the top 10 causes of death in America that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. And, the majority of those diagnosed are women.

With those statistics, it may be prudent for all of us to work on improving our brain health and recharging our brain power. So let’s add that to our New Year’s resolution list! Here are a few simple tips that we can implement while at work to help improve our cognitive abilities as well as give our memories a boost.

Brain Power

  • Write in RED ink when taking notes – The color red helps the information, facts or to-do’s stick in our memories better than other colors, making it an ideal choice for note taking and being able to recall those to-do’s!
  • Close your eyes when recalling an event or specific information – When we remove the visual obstacles and distractions around us, our brains can focus more effectively, resulting in more accuracy with your recollection and brain power!
  • Develop new ideas – Investigating new ideas that interest you is a great way to exercise your brain. Those who pursue new ideas, new skills, or the like, not only help with their job skills, but also with exercising their brain to gain more brain power.
  • Search the web – Within reason, of course. Need to learn more about a specific topic to help you with your job related tasks? Searching the web actually improves our ability to process information by stimulating the neurons of our brains, thus, fostering a healthy one as well as recharging your brain power.

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