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Selection of Trainers

Part I – Identify Trainer Competencies


Total Training Solutions has a set of seven core trainer competencies along with definitions and behavioral indicators for each. The competencies are the foundation upon which trainer candidates are evaluated, selected, and trained. These competencies can be used as is, or can be customized to fit your organization’s particular environment.

Part II – Behavior-Based Interview with Human Resources

Trainer candidates will participate in a 45-60 minute interview with Human Resources. During this initial interview, candidates will respond to behavior-based questions that relate directly to the identified trainer competencies. Total Training Solutions has behavior-based interview questions that align with the seven core trainer competencies, or the behavior-based questions can be adapted for customized competencies.

Part III – Candidate Presentations

All candidates who pass the Behavior-Based Interview with HR will proceed to the next phase of the interview process – the presentation. The candidates will be required to present a 15-30 minutes section of a training module to a panel of no more than four internal interviewers.

Total Training Solutions has a Behavior-Based Evaluation and rating scale that allows interviewers to evaluate candidates on the seven core trainer competencies. Like the behavior-based interview, this evaluation can also be adapted to align with customized competencies.


Based upon the results of the Behavior-Based Interview and the Candidate Presentations, the qualified candidates are selected and sent on to the next Phase of the process – Train-the-Trainer Instruction.

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