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SOAR to Strategic Thinking

For organizations that want to remain in the forefront of their industry establishing and maintaining a culture that values, expects, and accepts strategic thinking from their employees. Employees skilled in strategic thinking offer inventive and creative solutions and options to the challenges they encounter allowing the organization to run effectively and efficiently.

Participants in the SOAR to Strategic Thinking Workshop learn:

  • The thinking styles that are components of strategic thinking
  • How to provoke the creation of options and alternatives
  • The value of a changing environment
  • The steps in the strategic thinking process

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Lead a strategic thinking session
  • Optimize the value of diverse styles of thinking
  • Create potential future business scenarios for the company
  • Formulate options and alternatives
  • Assess generated options and alternatives taking into account organizational parameters
  • Tap into the strategic thinking abilities of others in the organization
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