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Foundations of Effective Leadership

Leaders are expected to produce measurable results within their organization. These results may mean improved financial performance, reduced employee turnover, new product ideas, expansion, increased market share, or other measurable outcomes that are important to the organization. To achieve these measurable results, it is necessary to motivate others to work toward the common goals that are established for the organization. Successful leaders share common traits, skills, and knowledge that they employ in arriving at the measurable results. While leadership styles vary from individual to individual, the core skills of a successful leader remain constant.

Participants in the Foundations of Effective Leadership Workshop learn:

  • The qualities and characteristics of leaders
  • How to establish a vision and set goals
  • A framework for decision making
  • Communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • How to motivate others and build teams

At the end of this Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the qualities of effective leaders
  • Establish a common work team vision
  • Set goals that are realistic and achievable
  • Follow a decision making strategy
  • Practice effective communication skills that contribute to problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Motivate your followers
  • Build effective work teams
  • Coach and mentor others to develop their potential
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