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Motivating Employees Through Wellness

Looking for ways to improving productivity within your workplace? Statistics show that by offering a “wellness program” within your organization that focuses on the wellness of your employees from both a positive health decisions perspective and a fitness perspective contribute to not only motivating employees but also proves to be a benefit to overall work productivity.

Wellness programs have proven to enhance the performance of employees on the job, lower absenteeism, and overall health care costs. Employees who participate in such programs gain the benefits of an improved well-being and increased job satisfaction. On the flip side, the company benefits with higher employee retention rates.

No matter how simple or complex of a wellness program a company might offer, it’s a win win for both the employee and the company. Creating healthy activities and reasonable health goals, helps to build strong camaraderie among co-workers and better help the company meet their success factors. Co-workers will encourage one another and help to keep each other accountable for their health related goals. Various health activities such as walking groups, sport groups, exercise groups or cooking groups create a venue for employees to mix with other employees out of their specific work group that are not focused on work related tasks.  All of which creates a healthier workforce with motivated employees.

Let technology help you along. Take advantage of all the latest in health monitoring devices everyone is donning around their wrists and the thousands of health and fitness related smartphone apps to create some fun activities around wellness to keep your employees not only healthy but more motivated.

It’s a new year and everyone has new goals as well as renewed ones! Why not ring in the new year by offering a healthy choice within your organization to create a health conscientious workforce while building your business?

Need help in implementing motivational measures within your organization, give us a call at 630-585-1168.

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