What Training Do Mothers Do?

As Mother’s Day approaches, it is always nice to reflect on all the wonderful things mothers are to us. How can this be applied to learning and development? Let’s examine.

When we set out to have our first child, the experience seems exciting, yet daunting. There is a lot to do before the little one arrives. Aside from buying everything that Babies R Us suggests you buy, you need to train yourself on how to be a parent. That is hard. Our case was one in which no one was reliant on us as we had very healthy parents and siblings. Then all of a sudden you have a new life that fully depends on your every move. Some of the things you train yourself on are how to deal with a lack of sleep, how to provide a comforting experience for your newborn, how to make ends meet to provide for your family….all the way to how to change a diaper.

As fun and exhausting as those first two years are, a lot changes. These are changes again that you need to train yourself and now your toddler on. The biggest change is put anything that could be dangerous away. Childproof any and everything. No more slicing a tomato and leaving the knife on the counter. No more leaving a ladder up for more than the time you actually need it. These are all changes that we constantly need to train and learn.

And then there are the pre-teen and the teen years. There is never a right answer as your children grow. All children are different. What is right for one may not necessarily be right for another.

The biggest change that mothers (and a lot of fathers) make is sacrifice….constant sacrifice. Hats off to all your wonderful mothers who have trained yourselves to be the wonderful providers you are. Happy Mothers Day!!!!