Social Learning Software Solution

Social Learning is here to stay. Training trends show that businesses are in need of providing their learners with anytime, anywhere knowledge at their fingertips. With the evolution of social learning comes the need for technology that can help manage this powerful learning modality. In the spotlight is the fastest growing social learning software, TOPYX. It’s a learning technology that combines the power of a traditional LMS with that of the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.  The result is a social eLearning platform that focuses on creating communities and networks around the smallest learning element to leverage informal knowledge.

Key features of TOPYX include:

  •  Profiles
    • Personal schedule
    • Bios and pictures
    • Communities
    • Social networking plug-ins
    • Friends
  • Informal learning communities – Public and Private
    • Site community
    • Subject area communities
    • Course communities
    • Content communities
    • Moderate communities
  • Collaboration & community features
    • Web conference – video, screensharing, record, more
    • Whiteboarding
    • Multi-person chat
    • Email
    • Events
    • Articles
    • Polls
    • Blogs
    • Shoutbox
    • Pictures
    • Documents

Total Training Solutions, Inc. can help you implement a social learning environment for your business using the TOPYX social learning capabilities. For a free demo, contact us at 630.585.1168 or complete our contact form to learn more.